Scaling up responsible brands

We audit, streamline your processes and get your products out there.


Our hands-on international experience and dedication to understanding your unique situation enable us to deliver industry-leading results in the following disciplines.

UX/Graphic Design

Mobile-first and fluid user experiences that make interactions with your brand seamless and enjoyable.


Content optimization to rank high in search engine results, driving customers to your website. Including chatbot optimization.

CGI (3D & Animation)

Wow your audience with visually stunning product renderings highlighting their unique design and features.

Social Media

From strategy to implementation with original immersive content to engage audiences.

Systems & Automation

We use AI to streamline and automate our processes, delivering at least 2x faster YoY. We will audit and optimize your processes to help you achieve maximum efficiency.


Cross-platform converting content to target and engage your desired audience.

Brand Identity

From logos and taglines to messaging and swag, we build a powerful identity that captures your brand’s essence.


Clean and compelling product pages allowing for 3D and AR experiences. Social commerce.

Web Design

Fast and effective solution using builders or a customized platform engineered from the ground up.

Advertising & Publishing

Google Ads, LinkedIn Ads, … and publications on industry-leading websites.




start at $65CAD /$50USD

  • Ideal for short-term tasks or ongoing maintenance
  • Adjust your hours to fit your current needs

start at $520CAD /$400USD

  • Ideal for one-time projects
  • Tailored campaigns and strategies to address specific marketing goals

start at $1,200CAD /$900USD

  • Outsource your marketing to a dedicated team
  • Develop and implement long-term marketing strategies
  • Guaranteed availability of experts and resources for your ongoing needs


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Tomas Kaplan

Chief Executive

  • Toronto, Canada
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Vaclav Uruba


  • Prague, Czechia
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Field Expert selected for your project

Developer/Copywriter/3D Artist

  • Earth

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